Kids Love Time With Dad - But Dads Feel Left Out Of Family Life

A new survey of 2000 parents has shown the importance of dads, just in time for this weeks' 'National Dads Matter Week'.

Eighty seven per cent of dads interviewed felt they were a good role model for their children and the majority (74 per cent) of parents thoughts dads were equally important to their sons as well as daughters. But nearly 20 per cent of dads feel left out of their child's upbringing whilst 62 per cent of parents felt dads could be more involved with their children. Seventy per cent of parents thought children spent more time with their mum, but that children enjoyed spending time with both parents.

This is a new video from, providing insight into why the role of a dad is important and offering tips to help dads get more involved.

Jacqueline Harding at said: "Dads clearly matter to the upbringing and education of their children; and their role is equally important to the upbringing of both sons and daughters.

'The survey findings indicate that dads play a vital role in their child's development and kids enjoy their time with dad roughly as much as they enjoy their time with mum.

'We want to encourage Dads to sign up to spending more time with their kids this week – and let us know!"