26/04/2011 07:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

My Stylish Life: Erdem

London's reputation for producing dark, edgy and twisted fashion has been given a breath of floral-scented air thanks to designer Erdem Moralioglu's feminine and exuberant approach to fashion. We caught up with one of London Fashion Week's brightest stars to find out what makes him tick - and what it's like designing for Barbie.

What inspired you to do what you do?

I've always wanted to work in fashion from when I was very young. I was always preoccupied by how people looked and was always drawn to all things visual. I think my mother played a large part in me going into fashion.

What's the one piece of clothing that every woman needs in her wardrobe?
A good dress. It's a whole outfit. Once it's on, you don't really have to think about.

Who or what inspires you creatively?
I'm inspired by different things: art, music, women, my sister, my friends... I'm a magpie. I'm inspired by pieces of everything.

Which designer(s) do you most admire and why?

Yves Saint Laurent. I find his use of print, colour, and femininity very inspiring. He was a genius at what he did.

Fictional, real, dead or alive, who would you like to swap wardrobes with and why?
Yves Saint Laurent, of course! He was very dapper. Also, David Hockney.

Which up and coming fashion talents do you rate? Who is going to be a household name 12 months from now? (Could be a designer, illustrator, model etc)
Cody Young is a model we have used who I think is going to be huge. I think she is amazing.

Do you read any fashion or style blogs? What's your favourite?
No, I don't really. I read books.

How and where do you do your best work?
I do most of my work in my studio. I'm surrounded by my books and am able to work in a peaceful environment.

Describe your style in 5 words
Colourful. Optimistic. Chic. English. Feminine.

What's your earliest fashion memory?
Making costumes for my sister's Barbie's.

What are three beauty essentials that every girl should buy for spring/summer?
A great summer dress, a great shade of lipstick and St Tropez Skin illuminator that was used on all the models at my spring/summer show.