27/04/2011 06:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Adult Only Flights: Children Banned?

Adult only flights: Children banned? PA

Children may soon be banned from some flights, after an airline industry survey discovered noisy children were the biggest annoyance for well-off passengers.

Business class travellers said nothing annoyed them more than children running through their section or hearing their noise from economy class.

The survey of 1000 business travellers has led to calls for long-haul airlines to offer either completely private compartments for grown-ups or a special 'over-18 only' service.

Some 74 per cent of all business class passengers get annoyed by children on flights, the research for the Business Travel & Meetings show taking place in London next week found.

Airlines may follow the example of train companies which have introduced 'quiet zones' on services to stop passengers using mobile phones.

What next - banning the obese, the snorers, the tutters?

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