27/04/2011 12:15 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mid January Is Best Time For Mums To Start Diets

Mid January is best time for mums to start diets Jupiter images

We're more likely to lose out diet resolutions if they begin at the start of January, according to new research by Sainsbury's Diets. A massive 42 of us completely happy with our bodies, it's vital we start eating a healthy diet at a time that is going to cause the least amount of stress and disruption in our lives. Brits struggle to change eating habits at the start of January as they find it stressful going back to work and getting the kids back to school not to mention coping with the worry of Christmas credit cards and bills. We have enough on our plates to deal with in January, without worrying about eating everything on our plates too!

'The strain of Christmas often catches up with us in the New Year and we put far too much pressure on ourselves to get healthy during this period. If you wait to begin your diet until mid January you will have a much higher chance of sticking to healthy eating habits that should last you all year long!"

Charlie Parker, Sainsbury's nutritionist says 'New research released by Sainsbury's Diets reveals that Brits plan on spending £1.3 billion on top of their monthly outgoings on healthy eating and dieting in January. With 18% of us giving up a diet in the past because of costs, coping with the financial burden of dieting in the New Year on top of our Christmas financial hangovers will be too much pressure. We want to encourage Brits to wait until mid January to start their diets as they're more likely to succeed and it can be a lot kinder on their purses.

We found that people will stick to a diet for much longer if they have access to specific tools like healthy recipe ideas, and a personal fitness plan. Users can choose from a personalised Meal Plan or Food Diary service – this flexible approach means you can switch between the two to suit a busy lifestyle.

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