27/04/2011 12:16 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Schoolgirl Gives Goalkeeper Two Fingers

Schoolgirl joins football pitch invasion and gives the goal keeper two fingers PA

A young schoolgirl joined a pitch invasion at a football patch in Chesterfield, and has been photographed abusing one of the goalkeepers. Nice!

The young girl, who we reckon must be around 12 years old, stormed the pitch with hundreds of others at a Chesterfield V Bury match after Chesterfield scored an equaliser goal.

Instead of cheering from the stands, fans ran onto the pitch and abused the Bury team, where this unidentified girl made the gesture, and a teenage boy punched the goalie, Cameron Belford, before running back into the stands, where 9,000 fans were watching.

The goalie stayed calm throughout the attack, but the teenage boy got more than he bargained for, punching the player right on a metal plate he had inserted into his face earlier this year after an injury.

Police have so far arrested a 13-year-old boy on suspicion of assault and a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of a public order offence, and are studying CCTV recordings of the match.