03/05/2011 07:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Shocking Hospital Figures: Babies Drunk And Toddlers High On Drugs

Drunk babies and toddlers high on drugs

Shocking figures from a Bolton hospital have revealed the terrifying extent of alcohol and drug misuse amongst children.

The Royal Bolton Hospital has released admission statistics after a Freedom of Information request from The Bolton News. The report makes for grim reading, revealing that NINE infants under a year old had received medical attention due to drugs poisoning, whilst a one-year-old baby was admitted to the hospital for drunkenness.
The figures go on to show that more than 100 one and two-year-olds needed medical help after drugs poisoning, whilst in excess of 70 three to ten-year-olds ended up in casualty due to drug taking, including a toddler of three and a six-year-old who took controlled drugs.

There are also reports of a one-year-old hospitalised with solvent poisoning, and youngsters of 13 being admitted after deliberately taking overdoses.

The Royal Bolton's head of communications, Heather Edwards said: 'Alcohol and drugs cause a lot of difficulties for individuals, families and society and are a burden on the NHS.

'It is not good news that young people are coming into contact with substances that could harm their health, whether accidentally or knowingly.'

Are you shocked by this story? Or do the figures not surprise you at all?