04/05/2011 12:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

ASBO Yob Gets Acupuncture And YOU Are Paying For It

ASBO yob gets acupuncture and YOU are paying for it Getty Images

His own mother calls him Satan's Child, his neighbours live in fear of his brick, bottle and stone attacks, and the courts have previously dealt with his car stealing and arson by slapping him with an Asbo.

And now, teenage tearaway Sonny Grainger, 14, is being given tax-payer funded ACUPUNCTURE sessions in a bid to 'calm him down'.

The yob - who has been expelled from THREE schools and was given his Asbo when he was just 12 - has also been fitted with a tag after breaking the terms of the anti social behaviour order THREE times

Whilst those he has terrorised in his Yorkshire neighbourhood fumed over the blatant waste of tax payers' money (his sessions are costing £40 a pop), his mum Nadine West, 40, claimed the treatments were working, telling reporters: 'Sonny is definitely a lot calmer when he walks out after the sessions. He loves the acupuncture.'

In January, Sonny's local education chiefs said the out-of-control youngster need only attend school three times a week. Now, he does not go at all, his mother admitting he instead 'spends his days hanging out with his friends or playing his computer.'

And of course, attending those tax-payer funded acupuncture sessions the East Yorkshire Youth Justice Service dished out to him...

What do you think? Does this leave you fuming? Or is this the right approach to problem teens?