04/05/2011 10:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Hot Or Not: Prada's Mary Jane Illusion Boots With Fake Skin

Oh, Prada. We love you, we really do but sometimes you don't make it easy.

Prada's Mary Jane leather boots. Photo: Net-a-Porter

Take, for example, these boots. You would be forgiven for thinking "Well, hang on - they're just red Mary Janes. Why are you dedicating an article to them?"

Look closer and you will see that the Italian fashion giant has turned said Mary Janes into illusion boots via a whole heap of faux pale flesh. Great for ladies who have $1,500 to spare and an aversion to shaving their ghostly pale calves but that's a bit of a niche market if you ask us.

A bit of investigation reveals that Prada actually created far prettier (by which we mean less 'cannibal carnival' and more 'good') versions of the shoe as part of the a/w 2011/12 collection so how on earth did these sneak through the net? And, given so many non-scary pairs are available, why are these the version they have chosen to sell to benefit environmental causes as part of the Runway to Green program?

The attractive versions of Prada's shoe-boots. Photo: PA

If you are a lady with $1500 to spare and an aversion to shaving your calves you can find your dream Prada Mary Jane boots on Net-a-Porter.

Will you be wearing them?

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