06/05/2011 08:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Seven-Year-Old Girl Has Botox And Tattooed Eyebrows

Seven year old girl has Botox and tattooed eyebrows
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Anyone - parent or not -who picks up a copy of The Sun today is surely going to take sharp intake of breath when reading their exclusive story on seven-year-old Bree Evans.

Little Bree, who, at first glance looks like any other primary school girl, all wide eyes and rosebud lips, is regularly injected with Botox and has her eyebrows tattooed on by her star-struck mum, Sharon, who is determined to make her daughter the next Willow Smith.

Bree's extensive list of cosmetic enhancements will make most parents wince: already she has had her lips plumped up with cosmetic fillers, and her eyebrows shaped and darkened with tattooists' ink. And her luminous skin is down to the Botox her mother pumps into it, rather than just her tender years.

Single mum Sharon, 33, who is originally from Shepherd's Bush, west London, but now resides with Bree in California, tells the paper that she is shaping Bree's future and merely laying the foundations to making her a star:

'All A-list actresses and celebrities start early now and Bree will stand out due to her big lips and super-smooth, wrinkle-free skin. The tattooed eyebrows are only light and can be used as a reminder for her on how to pluck properly. To be a superstar you have to be different and highly styled. That is why I am doing this. She is my child and this is my decision - it will help shape her for the rest of her life.'

Frankly, we are appalled. But what do you think?