08/05/2011 17:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Are We Raising A Nation Of Lazy Couch Potatoes?

Are we raising a nation of lazy couch potatoes? Getty Images/jupiterimages

As a shock survey reveals one in six children cannot swim, and one in 10 have not learned to ride a bicycle, we ask, are we raising a nation of couch potatoes? Is the great outdoors a completely alien concept to our slothful, lazy offspring?

The study - undertaken by Tata Steel - found British children were more than twice as likely to spend their free time watching television (79 per cent) than playing sport (34 per cent).

The research also showed that the only surfing kids are doing is on the internet (56 per cent), whilst instead of getting out and playing in team sports, most spend their free time on social-networking websites (45 per cent) and playing video games (43 per cent).
And amongst those who could cycle and swim, just a third had swum a length in the past week, and only 46% ridden their bikes.

Shocking stuff, eh?

So can (and more to the point DOES) your 6-to-15-year-old swim?
Ride a bike?
Do they relish playing sport and being outdoors? Or do they prefer to wile away the hours sprawled on the sofa, their only exercise being pressing the buttons of the TV remote or their games console?