08/05/2011 15:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Target Your Trouble Zones: Arms

Everyone has one part of their body that stubbornly refuses to look good. It's the reason why we wear leggings to disguise cellulite and stick cardigans over dresses to disguise our arms. In warmer weather, these cunning wardrobe disguises don't work so well, so find out how to target your trouble zones and get your arms looking worthy of the strappiest of tops.

Get your arms into shape. Photo: Getty

Upper body awareness
Many women have upper bodies which are weaker than their lower halves. It's the reason you don't often see women hefting weights at the gym and doing pull-ups (unlike male fitness show-offs). The simplest way to strengthen your arms is simply to be more aware of using them. Carry your shopping bags using both arms for balance, get busy pulling up weeds in the garden and take five minutes to do three sets of ten slow tricep dips every day.


Get a pair of dumbbells and leave them somewhere in your house where you have to look at them regularly, such as on a desk or in front of the television. When you have a spare moment, pick them up and perform two sets of 10 bicep curls. Start with a light weight (2-4kg) and increase once it starts to feel too easy. You can use filled 2 litre water bottles if you don't have any dumbbells to hand.

Go swimming

The reason swimmers have such amazing arms? All those lengths of front crawl, butterfly and breaststroke. Even if you're a slow swimmer, doing half an hour of breastroke three times a week will really make a difference.

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