08/05/2011 22:05 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Value Of A Mum: What Are We Worth?

Value of a mum Research just in claims the value of a mother - IF you could put a figure on it - equates to an annual salary of £30k.

The figure is based on what it would cost to pay someone else to do all the UNPAID work us mums do around the home.

To replace a dad with hired help would cost an estimated at £21,306.

The findings come from Legal and General's 'Value of a Mum' survey which has has been released today.

It found that many mums spend an extra NINE hours a week with their kids compared to dad - even though many of the them work full-time outside the home, too.

And mums who only work part-time don't have it much easier – their value has been estimated at £28,664 compared to the £31,523 value of those who don't work at all.

The research shows the day to day costs of looking after children have gone up 8.3 since 1999 when the figure was £109.

What do you think about these findings?
What figure would you put on your 'worth' around the home?

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