12/05/2011 19:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Fiona Phillips: My Son Is Desperate For Me To Be On Daybreak!

Fiona Phillips: My son is desperate for me to be on Daybreak! PA

TV presenter Fiona Phillips, 50, is mum to Nathaniel, 11 and Mackenzie, eight. We caught up with her to talk life with two fast-growing boys, why she's a worrier and how much more relaxed family life is when you're not getting up at 4am for work...

How are you finding life with your two boys now they are both almost in double figures?

I love having older children as I'm able to have proper chats with them both and they're real companions. We still have the odd cuddle, so we've kept that closeness, but it's a really interesting stage to see as we're watching them become mini adults. I've found I always think every stage, whether it be newborn, just walking or toddlerhood is the best, but then I surprise myself and love the next one just as much.

Your boys both have birthdays in May - have you got big plans for both days?

It's certainly going to be a busy month. We're taking Nathaniel to the cinema with a bunch of friends and then back to our house for a sleepover. I know exactly what will happen - they will be up all night messing around and I'll pass out early on and let them get on with it! Mackenzie is desperate to go to Legoland, so we'll probably cave in and take him for family day out.

The boys are quite close in age, what sort of relationship do they have with each other?

They do get on, and do love each other, but they bicker and fight a lot too. Nathaniel loves the computer and playing Playstation online with his friends, whereas Mackenzie is still into children's TV, so Nathaniel tends to think he's too babyish for him to hang out with.

Do you worry when Nathaniel is tapping away online?

All the time. He has a laptop to use for homework and games which he shares with his younger brother, and when either of them are upstairs using it, I constantly think, 'what are they looking at, what are they finding on there?' That's why I'm supporting Homesafe from Talk Talk - it allows you to put blocks on online content at certain times, like when the boys are doing their homework so they can't get distracted by websites and pop-ups.

What worries you most now the boys are growing up fast?

Peer Pressure. Nathaniel has a large group of friends and I worry that he's trying to keep up with them all the time. He's always nagging me to let him play online gaming with them from home in the evening, and I know it's because otherwise they will say to him, 'you weren't allowed to play,' when he's at school the next day.

Are they both quite independent?

They're getting there. Nathaniel insists on making his own way to school, and would die of embarrassment if I went with him. It's hilarious because his friend calls for him so they can walk together, and if I as much as stand at the front door and shout goodbye he cringes. I can see them slinking off together in silence with their heads down until they're far enough away to talk. I take Mackenzie in as much as work allows, but even he doesn't let me come into the playground with him anymore.

How's family life changed since you left GMTV and the early morning wake up calls behind?

I'm a lot happier and more relaxed since I left. I'm much more in control of my family too, whether it be my husband Martin, the boys, the house or my dad. I used to be so tired by the end of the day and then come home to two very active boys to look after. It was hard work and I'm glad to have my family time back. Although the boys aren't so sure, Mackenzie said the other day, 'I wish you were on Daybreak!' as he loves watching it so much!

If you had to pick, what's your favourite thing about being a mum?

The feeling when I think of them, I get so excited. It sounds awful but it's like when I was a kid and we had a puppy - I was so excited to get home and see it each day!

And the worst?

Dealing with the arguments and long journeys with the boys. They get so bored and by the time we arrive somewhere, I'm thinking, 'Oh god, two whole weeks on holiday with these people!' I'm pleased to say we usually get over it, relatively quickly...

Fiona Phillips is working with TalkTalk on the launch of its new and unique HomeSafe technology, which gives parents greater control than ever before over the content that comes into their home via the internet, especially at homework time. For more information visit