12/05/2011 23:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mariah Carey's Twins' Names Revealed!

Mariah Carey's twins names revealed!
AP Photo/April L. Brown
Ok, so we knew that when Mariah named her twins, the chances were it was not going to be John and Mary. But even we are slightly, er, taken aback, shall we say, by the names she has chosen. Are you sitting down? Then we shall begin...

Moroccan and Monroe.

(Moroccan is the boy twin, if you were in any doubt, because obviously Monroe is a tribute to Mariah's idol Marilyn and therefore the little girl's name).

In full, Moroccan is Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe is just Monroe Cannon. Monroe is not having a middle name because Mariah does not have a middle name either...

Mariah DOES have a suite on the top floor of her New York apartment named the Moroccan rooms though, and she is particularly fond of Moroccan inspired decor, apparently.

We are quite speechless.

But over to you - what do you think?