13/05/2011 14:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Russian Artist Premieres London Pop-Up Art Gallery Event

Prem Thanabalasingham's living room The venue for Iulia Filipovscaia's first pop-up gallery event. Photo courtesy of The Other Half

Artist Iulia Filipovscaia has taken the pop-up shop trend and given it a fine art twist, creating a pop-up gallery experience fit for a living room.

The temporary gallery - The Other Half - will see the Russian photographer stage a 'coup d'etat' within the homes of various patrons in order to exhibit her work.

The first of the one night events will be taking place in art enthusiast and collector Prem Thanabalasingham's Chelsea flat on 14 May. Prem's eclectic collection of treasures, accumulated throughout his life, will be replaced by Iulia's current series of fine art prints.

Iulia's artworks combine the abstract with the figurative.

Invited guests will discover an exhibition space which combines the patron's unique living area with Iulia's mysterious art. The idea is to create a contemporary salon and gallery where conversation and artworks can be the centre of attention.

Iulia describes her current output as "half abstract/half figurative images. From nothingness appear exotic night scenes, wild animals, local people and unusual objects. A story half told, whispered, hinted at or imagined."

This 'half told' aspect explains the pop-up gallery's name - only by attending do you start to get the full picture.

If you aren't one of the lucky few spending the evening in Prem's living room you can see examples of Iulia's work on her website,