14/05/2011 13:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

MyDaily Moments At Cannes Film Festival: Day One

Coke As a Cannes virgin, today has possibly been the most confusing and exciting day of my life, from working out all the unspoken rules of the festival, to chasing after actors and battling my way into screenings, it's come and gone in a complete whirlwind.

Before I set off for my final screening of the day (Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty), try to get within 100 metres of the infamous opening night red carpet and pass out on a sunbed somewhere along the French Riviera here are my five MyDaily moments from Cannes Film Festival day one...

1. Today has been a day of lessons. Firstly, don't rock up to the opening screening of the world's largest film festival and expect to get in just because you have a press pass. Oh no, it turns out press passes come in all different colours and my measly blue is somewhere low down in the pecking order. Thankfully I'd arrived with enough time to queue for an hour and get into Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris. The film, which stars the gorgeous Rachel McAdams, was fantastic and definitely worth the long wait.

2. The Ritz Carlton is THE place to go for celeb spotting, I walked into the lobby of the hotel on my way to find someone and ended up finding Jodie Foster instead, as you do.

3. No sooner had I left the Carlton and sat down on the side of the road to scoff down a ham and cheese baguette (très glam) then I saw Salma Hayek being hounded by paparazzi as she left a spot on the beach where she'd been promoting her latest flick - Puss In Boots. It was her outfit that grabbed my attention more than anything. The 44-year-old had on a monstrosity of a dress - a tight-fitting red leather number with enormous petal shaped shoulder details. Did she leave her stylist at home?

4. There I was sitting on a wooden bridge tapping away on my iPad, as the other 1200 journalists at the festival had filled up the actual computer rooms, when suddenly I heard people shouting "Robert, Robert!" I got up and looked over the bridge and there below me was president of the festival and all round awesome actor Robert De Niro. As he climbed into his shiny car, after doing a few waves to the camera, I vowed to sit on random bridges more often.

5. One final lesson from my first day in Cannes: dress up - even the Coke bottles are glamorous here.