16/05/2011 08:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

A Very Happy Hen

I've decided that rather than getting married next month, I'd like to have another hen party instead.

Hen dos, as I discovered this weekend, are all the fun of a wedding (champagne, dancing, fancy frocks) but none of the hassle (organisation, worrying about money, table plans), because your bridesmaids take care of everything. Plus they last longer (the whole weekend in my case) and everyone treats you like a princess.

I actually spent most of Sunday afternoon sulking on the sofa with mild post-hen depression, large bag of Kettle Chips in hand (a last ditch attempt to soak up the previous night's tequila), trying to persuade Husband to Be we should break up now and get back together in a few months so my sister and friends are forced to arrange another party for me.

I'm not going to post the video of my leotard-clad self and 10 hens learning our Beyoncé Single Ladies moves, but in no particular order, here's some of the other things I played/drank/consumed this weekend.

Champagne cocktails at Charlotte Street Hotel

Customised Personal Preferences (if you've never played this game before, buy it now on eBay - it's a Bevan/Buzasi dinner party favourite)

Mr & Mrs (which I rocked at, by the way, although on the "what will you call your future children?" question, discovered both Mother and Mother-in-Law hate what I'm planning to call any daughter who might appear - best hope I only produce boys)

Bridal Pictionary

Dinner at Blue Bird Restaurant on the King's Road (home to the world's strongest chocolate dessert pot)

Dancing at Raffles (home to the world's most expensive round of drinks)

Chocolate fudge cake at Cake Boutique on Lavender Hill

Chocolate fondue (sensing a theme here?) and champagne on our Friday night pyjama party (we actually forgot to change into our PJs, but everything else was appropriately indulgent, including a house decorated from top to toe with pink balloons, candles, bunting and embarrassing photos from my childhood and uni days)

Two breakfasts of all my favourite things

One very large bag of presents (lavender oil to de-stress me on the wedding day, herbal energy drinks, numerous travel guide to Italy for the honeymoon, even some magazines for the plane)

So that's it. Hen do over. Mild post-hen depression and less than three weeks to sort the bridesmaid dresses, which I still haven't made a decision on.