16/05/2011 08:40 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jennifer Aniston's House For Sale For $42 Million

As rumours abound about a possible move back east to her childhood home of New York City, Jennifer Aniston has put her lovingly restored and downright incredible 10,000 sq ft Beverley Hills mansion on the market. Those interested in buying the Asian and Balinese-inspired Ohana estate are being asked to stump up a cool $42 million (about £25.8 million), which wouldn't be a bad return on her 2006 $13.5 million (£8.2 million) investment - although to be fair, it has had just a little bit of work.

Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills home The front of Aniston's perfect home. Photo:Coldwell Banker International

Those of a jealous disposition should look away now and should under no circumstances click here to look at the property's full particulars. Never again is any of us likely to utter the in recent times much over-used phrase: "Poor Jennifer".

Described in the official listing as "unmatched" and an "architectural masterpiece" the 5 bedroom, 7.5 bathroom property offers "an inviting home designed for entertaining, embodying the Hawaiian concept of extended family known as 'Ohana', combined with the peacefulness of an island retreat." And while it's a shame that Jennifer's renovation budget apparently couldn't stretch to finishing that eighth bathroom, the ultra-modern kitchen, ponds, waterfalls, pool, spacious dressing room and overall fabulousness do, I suppose, go at least some way towards making up for it.

Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills home Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills home. Photo:Coldwell Banker International

"This property is sheer perfection," says listing agent Jade Mills. "In decades of representing some of the leading homes in Los Angeles, rarely have I seen anything that compares to this zen-like oasis which leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. For those who appreciate the significance of a home by one of LA's most noted architects whose work helped define an era, this property will be considered the ultimate find. Not only is it an original by an important architect masterfully updated for today's lifestyle, but it features exquisite craftsmanship and represents the pinnacle of quality, style and taste."

The only question that remains is why anyone in their right mind would want to leave such a paragon of domestic perfection? Let the rumours begin.

Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills home The pool at Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills home. Photo:Coldwell Banker International