16/05/2011 06:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mel C: Little Girls Are More Sexually Aware These Days

Mel C: Spice Girl talks marriage and body image PA

Blimey, Mel C has changed. The one time back-flipping, crop-top wearing Northerner with a gold tooth enhanced smile and a body full of tattoos is most definitely more Earthy Spice than Sporty Spice these days.

True, the tattoos are still there, but the Croydon face-lift ponytail has been replaced with tumbling, wavy locks and that Goldie inspired grin is now accessorised only by a slick of super shiny lip gloss. Motherhood seems to have tamed Sporty - and she is the first to admit her daughter has changed her and partner Tom Starr's lives.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mel - or Melanie as she likes to be called now - says her nine year relationship with Tom has been strengthened by baby Scarlet's arrival:

'Having Scarlet has made us stronger, to share such a wonderful thing. But no, marriage is not on the cards. We're just happy the way we are. We've been happily
together for nine years, and it's a superstitious thing – if we marry, will it change? We're cool.'

Melanie also revealed how her issues with food and dieting are long gone since becoming a mother, claiming that her eating disorder used to keep her awake at night as she'd agonise over what she had eaten. She says she has 'come to terms' with her problems and has 'conquered' them since having her daughter:

'Personally for me, the problems that I had, it was a moment in my life. I did go to the gym after having Scarlet – I had an emergency caesarean section, which meant it took longer for me to recover – but when I got there, I thought, "I'm too tired!" With a toddler, you never get to sit down!'

'All children, especially girls, are so much more body aware at a younger age, sexually aware at a younger age, so I think all mums are quite concerned about that.'

What do you think of the new, improved Sporty?
And do you agree with her comments about girls being more body conscious and sexually aware from a younger age these days?