18/05/2011 09:12 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Nursery Worker Faces Jail For Hitting Toddler With A Space Hopper

Nursery worker faces jail for hitting toddler with a space hopper Alamy

A nursery nurse has appeared in court over allegations that she hit a two-year-old boy over the head with a space hopper.

Nisha Rani, 22, made the toddler cry after she knocked him onto the floor with the toy, Coventry Magistrates Court heard.

She also pushed another young boy off a play mat as he woke up from a nap, telling the other children: 'Shh, this will be funny.'

Her behaviour was only reported after a work experience student witnessed her bullying the children and told her tutor, who called the police.

Ms Rani was suspended from her role at the privately-run nursery in Coventry and was eventually sacked, but denies the allegations, telling the court:

'I really enjoyed working with the children, the allegations have come as a shock to me.'

She was bailed and returns to court next month for sentencing.

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