19/05/2011 08:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Boutique Of The Week: ByGraziela

In the 1970s Graziela Preiser's now iconic '1,2,3' and 'apples' designs reigned supreme in kids' bedrooms the world over. Now, having achieved cult status via ebay, the brand has been reborn as byGraziela and Graziela's legendary designs reissued to bring retro chic into the next generation's nurseries. And there's more, including ceramics, trays, shopping bags, bedding and fabrics. We spoke to byGraziela co-founder, Graziela's daughter Nina to find out more:

Nina, what inspired the revival of your mother's iconic 1970s designs as byGraziela?

When lots of my friends started having children, they all asked me if I had any leftovers of my mum's products from the 70s! They all, just like me, grew up in my mum's designs and now wanted the same designs for their children. I then did a bit of research and found that people were selling the old bedding on ebay as cult designs. So I thought that there really was a market for it! Plus, with a new baby myself I felt it would be great to have a career change and create a job which would allow me to work from home (we've now had to move into a studio though as we grew quite quickly).

What do you think is the enduring appeal of the designs?

The designs are all very bold and graphic, so they have a lasting appeal as they don't feel stylised. Also there often is a concept behind the designs, like counting or the alphabet, so there is more to them then just plain surface design.

In re-launching the brand, have you added to or adapted the 1970s designs or are they exactly as they were 40 years ago?

We have left the designs exactly as they were. It was really important to us not to tweak them, as that would feel slightly unauthentic. Customers feel very strongly about that too - we once had a limited edition in a slightly different colour code which wasn't liked that much. Customers feel so strongly attached to their childhood and as we really play on the idea of nostalgia, the designs have to be the same.

What are the latest additions to the range?

We have just launched the apple design, which was THE bestseller in the 70s and proves this again now! The apples are on bedding, fabric by the metre and now brand new on a big shopper and book bag made out of oilcloth.

Do you have a favourite print?

Not really, I quite like the mix of all of them!

Single duvet set, £52.50. Pic:

Which are your bestsellers?

The bedding, the fabric by the metre as there is such a trend for handmade products now, and the crockery, which makes a perfect present.

What are your plans for the brand?

Oh there are many many plans. One of them is to bring the designs back on wallpaper and integrate software in our online shop which allows the customers to purchase individually-sized prints on wallpaper and canvas prints. Eventually a few byGraziela stores would be great, but I really think shopping online still has the biggest potential for growth.

Heart mugs, £11 each. Pic:

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