21/05/2011 12:12 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Fergie Does Harper's Bazaar - And Talks Queen, Andrew, Royal Wedding And Money

Fergie reveals all in a glamorous new photo shoot. Photo: Danielle Levitt for Harper's Bazaar

Sarah Ferguson recently sat down for a revealing interview with Harper's Bazaar, in which she talks about everything from the royal wedding: "I understand that they didn't invite me. I'm divorced from Prince Andrew. I think it's a new chapter and a fresh page. I look at it and think, I was once that bride. It's very sad. You're happy for them, of course, but it's sad because you'd love to do it all over again, but with the awareness that you have now."

On that whole Prince Andrew scandal:
"It shocked me to the roots of my whole being," she says now of the scandal."I didn't do that, selling access," she says, furrowing her brow. The masquerading Indian mogul, she explains, "said he wanted to start a business with me, and I said, 'If you're going to invest in my business, with that comes my family, because we're all a team together.' But the way it came across in the video, it was so horrible, because they cut it and edited it and changed it, chopped it." As if knowing this all sounds a bit like rewriting history, she adds, "It was a huge lapse in judgment."

On if she could do her marriage all over again:
"He's a great man," Ferguson stresses, "and a first-rate father and the bestest friend." With help from Andrew, she says, she is once again debt free. "I love him. He's my soulmate. It's actually what we said in front of God at the altar: We honor and respect each other until death do us part. The only thing is, he has girlfriends and I have boyfriends." (She doesn't have a boyfriend now, but she says, "I would love a boyfriend.")

On her money issues:
"I think my financial problems have come from desperately trying to please, from my addiction to approval and to thinking that I'm not worthy, so I have to buy people's love. What I didn't have until Oprah came into my life," she adds, "and [the reason] I am so grateful to her, was the toolbox to know how to handle the twists in the road."

Of her relationship with her daughters, Eugenie: "The only thing I know I've done 100 percent right is be a good mother. I'm proud to say I'm the best mom I know. People say to me, 'What is your brand identity?' And I say, 'I'm a global mother.'"

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