26/05/2011 12:41 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Natalie Cassidy: Her Dad Speaks Out Over Assault By Fiance


Natalie Cassidy's dad has told reporters how she and baby Eliza spent the weekend with him before police were called to her home after her fiancé allegedly assaulted her.

Charles Cassidy, 74, said that the former EastEnders star and seven-month-old Eliza had been with him all weekend, and she had phoned Adam Cottrell, 31, on Sunday to say she would not be going home.

Charles Cassidy says the call angered Cottrell: 'We heard this crash in the background. He'd put his fist through the microwave,' he said.

'Natalie had come here at the weekend. I don't know her fiancé very well because I don't see him often. She usually comes here by herself, and when I visit he is usually at work. Natalie and the baby came here, we spent Saturday together and had lunch.'

Adam Cottrell has been charged with two counts of beating Natalie, and two of criminal damage.

Her worried dad said he was 'concerned' for his daughter and granddaughter.

A friend of Natalie's told The Sun that she had been 'urged' to dump Adam, but had not yet made up her mind.

Let's hope she makes the right decisions to be able to bring her daughter up in peace and security.