31/05/2011 09:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Seven-Year-Olds Reprimanded For Gun Mime Game

Seven-year-olds reprimanded for gun mime game PA

Two seven-year-old boys were told by teachers not to make gun shapes with their hands because it was threatening.

The little boys were playing an army game at school when outraged staff told them to stop. The children's parents were then instructed to reprimand the boys over their behaviour.

The father of one of the children - whose names have not been released to the media - said: 'This is ridiculous. How can you tell a seven-year-old boy he can't play guns and armies with his friends.

'We were told to tell our son he cannot play 'guns' anymore. The teacher said the boys should be reprimanded for threatening behaviour, which would not be tolerated at the school.'

The children are pupils at the Nathaniel Newton Infants in Nuneaton, Warwick. Their local Conservative MP Marcus Jones branded the incident 'political correctness gone mad':

'It is quite apparent the boys would be playing an innocent game. This is political correctness gone mad. When I was that age, that type of game was commonplace and I don't remember anyone coming to any harm from it.'

The school defended its actions, with a spokesperson saying the boys indulged in 'unacceptable behaviour' by making gun gestures to members of staff:

'Far from stopping children from playing we actively encourage it. However a judgment call has to be made if playing turns into unacceptable behaviour.'

What do you think?
Is this political correctness gone mad, or, in today's society, is 'playing' gun games just simply inappropriate?