01/06/2011 10:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Brad Pitt: My Children Are Asking When Angelina And I Are Getting Married

Brad Pitt: My children are asking when Angelina and I are getting married PA

It must be tricky explaining the ever present cameras and paparazzi that follow them, but why their mum and dad aren't married is clearly a bigger issue for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's brood of six.

Brad's admitted his children with Angelina - Maddox, nine, Pax, seven, Zahara, six, Shiloh, five and twins, Knox and Vivienne, three – have started to ask why the pair haven't got hitched:

'The kids ask about marriage. It's meaning more and more to them. So it's something we've got to look at.'

But Angelina doesn't seem too sure, admitting in an recent interview that she had lots of things she wants to do in the coming years, with marriage not necessarily top of the list:

'We are obviously extremely committed to the children and as parents together. I love my job and I love my family. But I'm not 20 anymore and I'm going to want to do a lot of other things with my life. At some point I will slow down.'

Come on guys, six years and six children - time to make an honest woman of her, Brad?