07/06/2011 11:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Suri Cruise's £100,000 Shoe Collection

Suri Cruise's £100, 000 shoe collection PA

Hold tight for another Suri Cruise shoe story. And this one's a cracker. So, what value would you put on your shoe collection? Few hundred pounds? What about your kids'? Children's shoes are disproportionately expensive in a pound to shoe leather kind of way, aren't they? But are they £100,000 worth of expensive?

Well if your child is Suri Cruise they are!

Star mag are reporting this week that Katie and Tom's five-year-old daughter is a fan of designer footwear and has amassed a mega expensive haul of big brand shoes, worth thousands.

The mag reveals: 'She's a massive fan of Marc Jacobs and she's had several shoes custom-made, so if they didn't come with a heel, Katie had them redesigned for Suri. She commissioned a pair of Louboutins for her a while back!'

And Tom Cruise apparently encourages Suri's fashion choices, too. A source tells the mag: 'He encourages her to wear frilly dresses and tiny heels. He says Suri is growing up to be as fashionable as her mum!'


Read the full story in this week's Star magazine - out today.