08/06/2011 06:23 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Ultimate Sadness Of Graduate Fashion Week

Graduate Fashion Week models show NQSS girl how it's done! Photo: Getty

The saddest sight during Graduate Fashion Week is a Not-Quite-Street-Style girl.

They're the ones who spent two hours getting all dressed up in their quirky finery and headed to Earls Court to meet with a friend and hopefully be pulled aside for a Street Style photo, only to discover that said friend has arrived somehow looking effortlessly cool in a vintage-style sleeping bag and her dad's work shoes.

NQSS girl knows in her heart of hearts that all is lost but still adopts a glacial pace walking past the Street Style photographers. She stops to reply to a non-existent text, she crouches to search her bag for the Oyster card she knows is in her pocket, she throws her head back and laughs over-enthusiastically at a remark to demonstrate her joyous free spirit...

Then it happens. The photographer looks over and smiles. She is instantly alert and smiles back. The photographer approaches. He extends his hand to the friend and asks if she wouldn't mind awfully just stepping this way for a moment.

The friend shugs apologetically and trots away to pose, apparently blind to the honour while NQSS girl feigns indifference.

She waits out of the way, ignored by everyone, ferociously checking her phone and rummaging through her bag, this time trying to drown out the injustices of the universe with activity.

After what seems like an eternity her friend returns and says something irritatingly flippant - "How weird was that?" - and the pair continue on their way.

The day is utterly ruined.