12/06/2011 13:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Top Cooking Tips From The Kitchen Coach

Top cooking tips from The Kitchen Coach PA

You've heard of fitness coaches, life coaches, tennis coaches and business coaches. Now it's the turn of the Kitchen Coach, Justine Kanter.

If you're bored of cooking the same old meals for your family, you can book Justine to come to your home and offer some one-to-one inspiration.

These are three of her top tips:

1. Don't put salt onto your roast potatoes until the very end of the cooking process, as salt extracts the moisture and makes them go soggy whilst they cook in the oven.

2. Tomatoes do not absorb pepper when they cook. So when making a tomato sauce, only season them with pepper at the end, to avoid the pepper going bitter through the stewing process.

3. There is a small pocket of air at the top of the egg, which increases in volume over time. As this air pocket enlarges, the moisture in the egg evaporates. The yolk becomes less plump and the flatter and the white separates and spreads. By keeping the egg pointing downwards, you can minimize the air increasing in volume and slow down the natural ageing process.

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