14/06/2011 12:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Toby Young's 6-Year-Old Robbed Of Lemonade Money

Toby Young's 6-year-old robbed of lemonade money PA

The enterprising six-year-old son of broadcaster Toby Young had his takings from a lemonade stall STOLEN by a callous thief.

Little Ludo set up a stall outside his family's west London home and was selling homemade lemonade when a man approached on a bicycle and told the youngster to go and get his mum. As soon as Ludo's back was turned, the thief made off with his money.

When the family realised what had happened, Mr Young chased the thief on his bike, but lost him in the streets around their home.

Ludo's mum Caroline Bondy said the family were 'shocked' that someone could steal from a little boy: 'Who steals from a six-year-old? It left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.'

Ludo's dad Toby, 47, who is the author of How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, and a regular guest on Have I Got News For You? and The Review Show, took to Twitter to express his disgust, writing how he'd only just taken a picture of Ludo manning his stall:

'Five minutes after I took that picture of my 6-yr-old son selling lemonade, he got robbed.
'Man on a bike took all his money. Scumbag. Son is upset, but otherwise okay. I gave chase on my bike, but was about a minute behind him and he disappeared round a corner. Combed the surrounding streets for 20 minutes. Nothing. I replaced the float and, at my urging, he went back out there and sold his remaining stock.'

Ludo's mum added: 'I had given Ludo his money box with all his pocket money in – he gets about 50p to £3 depending – and he was just trying to earn some more.
'We didn't bother calling the police. But we made sure that Ludo got right back out there.'

What a depressing story - how can anyone steal from a child?