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Tomy, Leapfrog And Motorola Reviews.The Best Baby Monitors

Leapfrog_baby_monitor Choosing the best baby monitor isn't always easy. To help you along the way, we asked gadget blog Dork Adore to take a look at some of the newest and best available.

Best for: baby's bedroom

LeapFrog Advanced Digital Baby Monitor

The LeapFrog is a great all-rounder for anyone who wants a monitor with high-end features with a softer, more baby friendly look and feel.

It includes room temperature alerts, digital lullabies and "parent talkback". You're supposed to use parent talkback to sooth an infant from afar, but that has never worked for me. Instead, in our house, we use it from within the nursery to request assistance and order cups of tea.

Other features include a torch, a feeding intervals alarm, sound sensitivity settings and a pleasing nightlight glow.

Available from Baby Monitors Direct

Motorola_Video_monitor Best for: video monitoring

Motorola Digital Video Monitor MBP35

This monitor adds the medium of video to your baby's nursery, allowing you to watch your little one sleeping - or not sleeping - wherever you are in the house.

It comes with a temperature monitor, a selection of polyphonic ringtones and talkback, but there's no mute or additional features like feeding alarms or a night light.

For many people, a video monitor is over-kill, but if you're a gadget-lover, the Motorola monitor provides excellent video quality even in low light.

Available from Argos

Tomy_Digital_Monitor Best for: all-round quality

Tomy Digital Plus Baby Monitor

If you're looking for a baby monitor, the new range from Tomy should definitely be on your shortlist. Their previous monitors had remained unchanged for many years, and these updated models arrive after years of research from the Tomy team.

The Digital Plus is a very nice-looking monitor, with a more grown-up feel than the LeapFrog. Especially nice is the LED nightlight on the base station, which changes colour on command.

It's jam-packed with features including two-way talk-back, remote-controlled light, room temperature alert, feeding timer, vibration alert, and a volume control that can be set to mute quiet sounds and only kick in when the noise goes above your preset levels. In fact, the only thing it doesn't include is the usual selection of nursery rhymes.

Available from Tomy

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