16/06/2011 07:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dog Attacks Three-Year-Old Boy: Horrific Facial Injuries

Dog attacks three-year-old boy BNPS

A three-year-old boy has suffered a terrifying dog attack whilst playing in the park.

Logan Trim was savaged by a Labrador whilst out on a family picnic in Poole, Dorset.

The sickening attack left the tot with horrific facial injuries requiring 40 stitches. He may be scarred for life.

His mum, Lara Slingsby, 22, told reporters that Logan was enjoying a family day out with his baby brother and grandparents in Whitecliff Park when the attack happened.

Lara had spotted a woman with a puppy and the Labrador near the children's park. The Labrador was off the lead, and Lara approached to pet the puppy. She describes the larger dog as 'looking friendly' and 'off the lead' and so 'assumed it would be fine.'

"The next thing I heard growling and screaming. I looked around and saw Logan lying on the floor and the dog was getting off him.The whole thing was over in an instant."

Lara has called for the dog to be destroyed, saying: "It's likely to do it again."

The police are investigating. Labradors are well known as family friendly dogs.

Dog attacks three-year-old boy BNPS