17/06/2011 12:20 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mums Fight At School Gates! Mum Attacked While Holding Toddler's Hand

Mums fight at school gates! Mum attacked while holding toddler's hand Rex Features

Five women set upon a 22-year-old mum at a SCHOOL GATE as she clung to her toddler son's hand.

The brawl broke out at a school in Solihull, West Midlands, as the young mum waited for her older child at home time. One woman reportedly attacked her as she waited with her toddler, then four others joined in.

Other parents reported seeing terrified children fleeing back into their classrooms as the fight took hold, with the victim allegedly being knocked to the ground, kicked and stamped upon.

The woman's daughter was said to be 'hysterical' as she left her classroom and realised it was her mum being beaten.

The woman was taken to hospital with a broken finger and what were described as 'other minor injuries'.

Witnesses say they had no idea what caused the attack, but said other parents tried to break it up and remove the toddler from the affray.

Police confirmed they had been called to the scene and that investigations were underway but that no arrests had been.

A spokesman said: 'Police were called to a report of a fight outside Yorkswood Primary School on Kingshurst Way, Kingshurst, on Tuesday at 3.20pm.

'A 22-year-old woman was attacked by five other women outside the school gates, and suffered scratches, bruising and a broken finger.

'She was taken to hospital for treatment and the matter is currently being investigated by police.'

Appalling example to set at the school gates, don't you think?

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