21/06/2011 12:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Seven And Eight Year Old Girls Take Part In Kick-Boxing Fight For Money

Two young girls, aged just seven and eight, have hit the headlines in Australia after they were filmed preparing for - and photographed during - a kick-boxing match, fighting it out for a £70 cash prize.

The two girls, Jasmine Parr, eight and seven-year-old Georgina Barton headed into the ring to fight it out for the money, but after kicking and punching their way through the fight, it was declared a draw and the young girls each walked away with £70.

Despite the pain and no doubt bruises from the fight, Jasmine said she was ready to do it again, but admitted she was frightened before the fight began after seeing a 'scary photo' of Georgina:


'Georgina looked really scary in her photo, but when I met her in real life she was really nice.'

The girls took to the ring to cheers and claps from spectators, but there were plenty of tears as the fight went on.

The film and photos have caused controversy in Australia, with comments flooding into newspapers.

Anna Petrou, spokeswoman for the Australian brain injury organization, Synapse, said it wouldn't take a lot of force to cause serious injury to the girls, adding that the headgear the pair were wearing would not offer complete protection.

Shocking stuff. Would you let your children take part in something like this?