23/06/2011 16:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Died When Wine-Drinking Mum Fell Asleep While Breastfeeding

Baby dies at breast after mum drinks almost a bottle of wine Alamy

A devastated mum has spoken out on the dangers of drinking around children after her seven-month-old daughter died at her breast after she drunk almost a bottle of wine.

Emma Hector, 30, from Bolton, was breastfeeding baby Naomi Rose in bed when she fell asleep. Her husband Allen, 42, found their baby's lifeless body with his wife, her breast covering the baby's face. The little girl had blood in her mouth.

Emma - who has two other daughters - said she drank the wine at around 6pm before she fed Naomi. She said she had not eaten all day because she was nervous about a forthcoming social services appointment.

She told reporters: "It is awful what has happened and I am not proud of my behaviour. No mother should be drinking at all.

"Since that day I have not taken one drop of alcohol. I should have been 100% sober and that is what I have to live with. I believe I have failed completely because I am her mum."

The tragic mum was initially arrested on suspicion of 'overlay' – suffocating a child while asleep, but when pathologists could not prove Naomi Rose died as a result of her actions, the charges were dropped.

Frantic attempts were made to resuscitate Naomi Rose by the family's neighour Sheila Bentley, and also by staff at the Royal Bolton Hospital, but she was unable to be revived.

Coroner Jennifer Leeming recorded a narrative verdict.