24/06/2011 15:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Cannabis Found In Reception Class Room - Five-Year-Old Boy Suspected

Cannabis found in reception class room - five-year-old boy suspected of carrying them PA

A bag of cannabis is thought to have fallen out of a five-year-old primary schoolboy's coat pocket and onto the floor of his reception classroom.

Concerned staff called the police to Mansel Park Primary in Southampton on Tuesday when the drugs were found near the children's coat-racks. The cannabis was thought to have fallen out of the little boy's coat pocket, although his mother insists it was nothing to do with her child or family.

The mum - who has not been named - said the teacher held the bag up in front of the child's face and asked what it was. The little boy replied 'It's my dad's baccy.'

She said: 'My son is not aware of what it actually was, or what drugs are, because we don't do drugs, and he said: "That's my dad's baccy".
'The police questioned my child and partner over it – we've been to hell and back. But it wasn't anything to do with us and the person responsible for it is still out there.'

The school's headteacher Neil Parker insisted there had been no risk to the children and that parents had not been told about the day's events because police and internal investigations had decreed it 'an isolated incident'.

But the boy's mother said children ARE at risk and that other parents should be informed. She said: 'Whoever is doing it is putting children at risk. It could have been ecstasy or anything. What if a child had taken it before the teacher had found it?

'Parents should be called in and told about this. They have a right to know. We only know because the police had to question us.'

What do you think? Are you more shocked that a five-year-old took cannabis to school, or that the staff decided it did not pose a risk to the children?