28/06/2011 19:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

School Bans Use Of 'Him' And 'Her' To Avoid Gender Stereotyping

School bans use of 'him' and 'her' to avoid gender stereotyping PA The Egalia pre-school in Stockholm

A Swedish pre-school has banned the use of 'him' and 'her' to stop children being stereotyped by gender.

The Egalia pre-school in Stockholm says the decision is in line with the country's efforts to promote equality between the sexes from childhood.

The school also picks and distributes toys and books carefully to make sure their position in the playroom does not fall into a stereotypical situation - for example, Lego constructions bricks will placed next to the toy kitchen to there is no perceived separation between construction and domestic work.

One of the school's teachers, 31-year-old Jenny Johnsson, told reporters:
'Society expects girls to be girlie, nice and pretty and boys to be manly, rough and outgoing. Egalia gives them a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be.'

School bans use of 'him' and 'her' to avoid gender stereotyping PA Lotta Rajalin

The school opened last year under the direction of Lotta Rajalin. She says Egalia 'places a special emphasis on fostering an environment tolerant of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people' but admits the staff have received threats from racists.

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