29/06/2011 08:01 BST | Updated 29/08/2011 06:12 BST

PMQs 29th June: Top 5 Quotes

Ed Miliband and David Cameron faced off in a rowdy PMQs in the Commons this afternoon, with the Labour leader attacking the Prime Minister on health reform bureaucracy and the PM responding with jibes about the Opposition's links to unions, many of whom are set to strike on Thursday.

Catch up on everything that happened this week with our PMQs liveblog, or simply read the top 5 quotes, below.

1."Bonfire of the QUANGOs..."

Miliband: "The number (of QUANGOs) is going to go up from 163 to 521. Pathfinder Consortia, Health & Wellbeing Boards, Shadow Commissioning Groups, Authorised Commissioning Groups, a National Commissioning Board, PCT clusters, FHA clusters, clinical networks and clinical senates. Mr Speaker, is this what he meant by a bonfire of the QUANGOs?"

2. Talking About The Micro

Miliband: "What people are asking up and down the country is what is he doing to our NHS?"

Cameron: "What the whole country will have noticed is that at the time the whole country is talking about strikes, he can't talk about strikes as he's in the pocket of the unions... At the time the whole country is talking about Greece he talk talk about Greece, as his plan is to make us like Greece... Has to talk about the micro as he can't talk about the macro."

3. Cost of NHS Redundancies

Cameron: "Changes will have a one-off cost of £1.4billion over the next two years, but over £5billion will be saved in total during this parliament and over a 10 year period there will be net savings of £12.3billion..."

Miliband: "£852 million is being spend on making NHS staff redundant. Can he guarantee this house that none of those staff will be rehired to do their old jobs at his new QUANGOs?"

Cameron: "... I know that (Mr. Miliban) has this extraordinary idea of how the NHS is run, but it is not the PM that hires everyone in every organisation in the NHS..."

4. Private Health Insurance Tax Breaks

When asked if he agrees with some Tory MPs who are calling for tax breaks for private health insurance, Cameron answers: "The short answer to that is no, I don't agree."

5. "Bread and circuses."

The PM congratulated the Backbench Committee on its first year of debates, or what he called "a year of bread and circuses" in a nod to last week's debate on circus animals, and a speech by Cenica in 81BC. (That's an Eton education for you.)