29/06/2011 18:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Victoria Beckham's Baby Daughter To Sleep In The GYM!

Victoria Beckham's baby daughter to sleep in the GYM! PA

Victoria Beckham's new baby daughter will not be sleeping in her parents' bedroom and will instead be relegated to the GYM!

Speaking to the Mirror, a source close to the couple said: "Victoria and David initially planned to have their daughter sleep in their room but eventually decided this just wasn't feasible."

'Feasible' seems such an odd word to use, doesn't it? What could not be 'feasible' about a newborn sleeping in its parents' room? Might Victoria have to shift a wardrobe of designer frocks to make way for a cot? Does David snore so incessantly the baby would not sleep? Does Victoria sleep in such an alarming amount of youth-preserving-elixir she is worried about scaring her newborn in the night? We need to know.

The not-sleeping-in-our-room decision has meant that space has had to be found elsewhere (apparently the poor lambs only have a four-bed-house in La La Land), and so Victoria has apparently decreed her home gym will be moved to the garage, and the room it occupied turned into the nursery. "As space is limited, something had to give. Reluctantly, Victoria agreed her gym should go. She shifted – well, workmen shifted – her treadmill, cross-trainer, rowing machine, Swiss ball and Pilates gear into the garage, with some bits going straight into the skip," the sneaky source claimed.

On the plus side though, David slipped her an extra bit of house-keeping to do it up nice. The mole added: "David cheered her up by letting her go to town on the nursery. It's excessively pink and very girly and OTT – just the way Vic loves it."


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