30/06/2011 11:40 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Four-Year-Old Boy Dies After Choking On Grape

Four-year-old boy dies after choking on grape PA

A four-year-old boy has died from a heart attack on his way to hospital after suffering an obstruction in his airway at school.

The little boy had, according to school friends, choked on a grape.

Named locally as Dilan Dosanjh, the youngster was reportedly playing chase in the playground at Grangehurst Primary School in Coventry whilst eating the fruit.

Staff at the school tried to revive him, but he tragically died on his way to hospital.

One shocked mum from the school told reporters: 'The school wrote to parents saying Dilan died from an obstruction in his airway. Basically he was eating grapes while running around playing tag. The grape must have just got stuck and that was it. It's so sad. He came from a large family and has brothers and sisters at the school, they must be distraught.'

Writing on Facebook, another parent said: 'Police vans there when I picked up J, then found out he choked on a grape.'

The police have said the child's death last Thursday was not being treated as suspicious.

What a terrible story.
Do you panic about your youngsters' eating small foods like grapes and cherry tomatoes unsupervised?