Boutique Of The Week: Rose &Amp; Grey

Boutique Of The Week: Rose &Amp; Grey
If I were handed a wad of cash and told that I had to spend it all on just one homeware site, I'd spend it at Rose & Grey. Enough said. We spoke to its co-founder (with husband Guy) Lyndsey Goodger:

Mixed up side table, £450. Pic: Rose & Grey

Tell us a little about how you came to create Rose & Grey.
Guy and I lived and worked in London for many years in the media industry but after having children we decided to move 'up North' to be closer to our families. I continued working in TV for a while in Manchester but it was really tough juggling childcare and the long hours.

When our second child Ollie was 6 weeks old I decided that it was time take a risk and start up Rose & Grey which went live 6 months later. I have always had a passion for stylish interiors and my background at Channel 4 was PR, Marketing, and arranging photo-shoots so that experience has been really helpful along the way.

What three words would you use to describe Rose & Grey's style?
Vintage, Modern Chic.
Which is your current favourite: i) sofa; ii) wallpaper; iii) kids accessory; and iv) lamp from the site?
I love the Vintage Leather Chesterfield (pictured below) - it's a truly classic sofa and it looks like it's been around and lived a little, it's beautiful.

Out of the wallpapers my favourite is C60 wallpaper by Mini Moderns in black and gold, a real retro statement piece.

From the children's range it has to be the Marionette cushions. If I had a little girl I would have one of these in my house for sure! As it happens I have two noisy and lovely little boys.

I love the Owl Lamp - it's new to our collection and I already have one at home, it's quite a talking point.

Vintage leather Chesterfield, from £1450. Pic: Rose & Grey

What's the quirkiest item you stock?
The Mixed Up Side Table (pictured above) is quite quirky and really popular. We also sell a Cast Iron Deer's Head Hook which is elegantly quirky.

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