Elle Vs Eva: Who Wore Their Prada Dress Best?

Elle Vs Eva: Who Wore Their Prada Dress Best?

Pretty in Prada. Photos: PA (Elle), WireImage (Eva)

Elle MacPherson wore an absolutely stunning Prada dress to the launch of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model in Soho. Unfortunately, when you opt for a look this memorable, you should probably make sure that another celebrity hasn't already nabbed your big moment.

Like Eva Mendes promoting her movie The Other Guys back in November 2010, for example.

At this point it seems appropriate to invoke Clueless. Actually it always seems appropriate to invoke Clueless but specifically here: "Hey Elle - was that you going through Eva Mendes' laundry?" because here Cher is being played by Eva Mendes and Amber is being played by Elle. Because they're wearing the same dress. You see where we're going with this?

Anyway, we've been peering at both pictures and trying to work out whose look we prefer - the dress is better on Eva but we far prefer Elle's shoes - what do you reckon?

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