Couture Review: Anne Valerie Hash A/W 2011

Couture Review: Anne Valerie Hash A/W 2011

A look from Anne Valerie Hash's aw 2011 couture show. PA

THE INSPIRATION: The designer chose sleek and simple silhouettes, customised with her trademark draping, to fête her 10-year-anniversary collection.

TOP LOOKS: Low-slung tailored trousers and fitted maxi-skirts attached to loose-fitting tops, plunge V-neck tuxedo jacket dresses and pantsuits.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: This understated collection from French designer Anne Valérie Hash brings couture tailoring into reality with the sober palette - neutrals, black and white, the occasional peach or blueish-grey tone - and an emphasis on wearable, asymmetrical, masculine-meets-feminine tailoring, which is set to be one of autumn's big trends. The twist with Hash's vision of aw 2011 dressing is that her pieces were all-in-ones: the flowy top wasn't just paired with the fitted skirt, it was part of it, just like the tuxedo jacket and trousers were an elaborate jumpsuit instead of two pieces. Easy to wear - and to throw on - couture? There's a fresh idea.

Take a look at highlights from the collection below:


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