04/07/2011 06:41 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

False Eyelashes Cut Off Schoolgirl By Teacher In Uniform Row

False eyelashes CUT off schoolgirl by teacher in uniform row PA

A fourteen-year-old schoolgirl had her false eyelashes CUT off by a teacher for flouting school uniform regulations.

Georgie Hill was taken to the toilets by her teacher at the Co-operative Academy in Blackley, Manchester, and had the individual inserts snipped off. Her teacher had said the lashes were 'excessive'.

Georgie was given the opportunity to remove the fakes herself, but claimed she could not do so as they were individually glued on. The teacher then cut them off with round-ended scissors.

Her mother, Debbie, 43, branded the move 'wrong', saying:

'I have the utmost respect for teachers - but this is just wrong.

'I did not know they were against the uniform policy, otherwise I wouldn't have allowed her to have them.'

The school's headteacher Kathy Leaver defended the teacher's actions, telling reporters: 'We have a policy to keep students in school, which is why she wasn't allowed to remove the eyelashes at home.'

What do you think?
Was the school right to cut off Georgie's eyelashes, or should she have been sent home to remove them? Or simply told not to return with them on the next day?