Funeral Directors 'Forget' To Pick Up Mum For Baby's Funeral

Funeral Directors 'Forget' To Pick Up Mum For Baby's Funeral


The devastated mum of a stillborn baby boy has told how undertakers FORGOT to pick her up for his funeral.

Leanne Geary, 24, was further distressed when the funeral directors transported her little boy's coffin in a people carrier rather than a hearse, neglected to display her 'son' wreath and had to be persuaded for twenty minutes to collect her to enable her to travel to the service with her baby's body.

Leanne told reporters: 'It took 20 minutes to persuade them to pick me up – I was worried they would go on ahead. I was picked up in a black people carrier, with the coffin on one of the seats. It was not even secured with a seatbelt and I was worried it would fall off.'

Once at the ceremony, the bungling staff then played the wrong music.

The company has since offered her £500 in compensation, but Leanne says nothing can make up for what happened:

'Nothing they offer me will change the mistakes they made. You only get one chance to bury your son.'

The firm also threw away the baby's clothes before Leanne had chance to collect them.

Southampton based J Beavis and Sons has apologised for the mistakes.