Has Kate Moss Had The Real Wedding Of The Year?

Has Kate Moss Had The Real Wedding Of The Year?

So far, 2011 has been quite a year for weddings, especially if your name is Kate.

And even though I'm largely immune to wedding fever, even I've found myself getting caught up in the endless speculation about dresses, bridesmaids and cakes.

But while I sat through most of the coverage of William and Kate's big day and, like everyone else, could see that they're genuinely happy and in love, I didn't envy Kate Middleton one bit.

In fact, I'm not convinced that anyone over the age of ten still dreams about marrying a prince and living happily ever after. Chelsy Davy doesn't for a start. And while Kate is busy settling into her new role of devoted wife, it's her sister Pippa who seems to be having all the fun.

Which is why I'm convinced that it's Kate Moss who has really had the wedding of the year.

With her gorgeous gang of girly bridesmaids, loved-up smile and three-day party, it's Mossy who's redefining the dream wedding for women in their 30s. Especially women like me - and, I suspect, like Kate herself - who have never really been that interested in getting hitched.

Thanks to a rehearsal dinner at the local pub and a festival-style party - dubbed Moss-stock - to follow, Kate has even managed to make marriage look - gasp - fun.

Always one to spearhead a new trend, Mossy's wedding has run roughshod over everything we've come to expect from a celebrity wedding.

Firstly, there's no exclusive magazine deal. She didn't have to enter the church under a blanket so that no one could see her dress and she didn't spend her wedding reception approving photographs for magazine covers .

But neither did she hide from the press, which is unusual even for Kate. The day before her wedding she posed for a picture with her arms wrapped around her future husband, Jamie Hince, looking just like the cat who'd got the cream.

After the ceremony the newlyweds were photographed outside the church with Kate's 14 (count 'em!) bridesmaids and, as they kissed, she looked totally natural, blissfully happy, seriously sexy and like she was having the time of her life.

Then there's the bridesmaids. When you're a little girl, being a bridesmaid is The Best Thing Ever. You get to wear a twirly dress, carry pretty flowers - you even get a present. But when you're all grown up, it's just a bit embarrassing, isn't it?

Given that this summer's hottest movie - Bridesmaids - centres upon the horror of being a bridesmaid, it's significant that Kate didn't get her bessie mates Sadie Frost, Stella McCartney and Naomi Campbell to follow her up the aisle in satin slip dresses.

Instead, her eight-year-old daughter Lila Grace was chief bridesmaid, with all her friend's daughters, including Sadie's daughter Iris, Fran Cutler's daughter Mercy and artist Jake Chapman and model Rosemary Ferguson's three daughters, joining in. Her former casting agent, Jess Hallet, was her maid of honour - but she got to wear Stella McCartney, which can't have been too much of a hardship.

Better still, Kate's relaxed smile proves that she's no bridezilla - probably because the wedding has been on her terms.

If the rumours are to be believed, Jamie proposed several times before she said yes.

Kate clearly isn't a woman who's been holding out for a husband. She's had several serious relationships in the past and is still close friends with Lila's dad, Jefferson Hack, who was also in attendence. She didn't get married because she thought she should: she got married because she wanted to.

Speaking of the guest list, I doubt that Kate has spent the last few weeks arguing with her mum about whether or not she has to invite great aunt Doris. If you're looking for proof that friends are the new family, just take a look at Kate's mates.

Tellingly, she didn't drop Galliano as her dress designer even though he's currently on trial in Paris for making anti-Semitic remarks. And her hairdresser friend James Brown was suited and booted for Mossy's big day - even though he's recently been at the centre of a racism scandal all of his own.

Naturally, it was an A-List affair with guests including US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Kelly Osbourne, Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie, Jade Jagger, Paul McCartney and Jude Law.

Entertainment was rumoured to be provided by Bryan Ferry, Beth Ditto and Shirley Bassey - but then Kate's the most famous model in the world and she has lots of famous friends.

But her wedding wasn't about showing off. She got married at the local church instead of a castle and she had the reception in her own, admittedly very large, back-garden.

Yes, it cost a cool £1million, but it's not as if she can't afford it. And most of that went on throwing an amazing party for her friends.

At a time when child-free weddings are becoming all too common, Kate provided a dedicated children's marquee staffed by a team of ten nannies and two drama teachers.

And if the kids are happy then Kate, who's a mum herself, knows the grown-ups will be able to relax and enjoy the fountain of Cristal Champagne, the lorryloads of Grey Goose vodka and the food catered by China Tang at London's Dorchester Hotel and the Ritz in Paris.

So while a wedding of this scale could never be more than a fantasy for the average girl, Kate is still giving us a lesson in modern marriage: don't rush into it, do what makes you happy and don't forget to have fun.

It sounds so obvious, but so many brides get so caught up planning the big day that they lose sight of what they're really celebrating.

Luckily, a three-day party should be enough to jog anyone's memory.

Congratulations Kate and Jamie.


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