Kerry Katona: 'I'm Only Managing To Hold It Together For My Kids'

Kerry Katona: 'I'm Only Managing To Hold It Together For My Kids'


Kerry Katona has sensationally told a magazine that she is only managing to hold things together the sake of her children.

In an exclusive interview with this week's New! magazine - who demanded she take a drugs test for the feature - the mum-of-four spills the beans on her finances, the split from her management team and the humiliation of having to prove she is clean from drugs.

On her recent departure from Can Associates - and the ensuring rumours that it was down to her having gone back to her partying ways, Kerry says that it was simply time for her to move on:

"It was just time for me to move on. I wanted to get more into acting and Can's not an acting agency. People in the industry change management all the time but when I do, it's, "Ohh, she's back on drugs!" And it's b*****ks."

She added that she found it 'degrading' and 'demeaning' to have to take a drugs test before being interviewed for the magazine, but acknowledged it was the "price I've got to pay for the mistakes in my past".

The devoted mum also dismissed claims in the media that she was about to be evicted from her home, and would move back up to Warrington to be near her own mother. She says she will be staying in the Surrey home Can Associates rented for her for the next month or so, and does not know where she will go next - but says even if that IS back up North, her children will cope:

"Kids are really resilient to anything – they've got their nan up there, their friends and, up north, they can play out on the street."

And Kerry says the one thing she has learned in all the upset of the last few weeks is that she HAS to hold it together for her four children, Molly, nine, Lilly Sue, eight, Heidi, four, and Max, three: "I can't break because my babies will have nobody if I fall apart. I'm holding it together

for my kids."

Read the full story in this week's new! magazine - out today