UK Divorce Settlements: Is London Still The Divorce Capital Of The World?

Is London Still The Divorce Capital Of The World?

London has long been considered the divorce capital of the world for its high concentration of big-money settlements awarded to the poorer spouse in a split--usually the ex-wife, barring some notable exceptions--which have been known to climb into the hundreds of millions.

A recent ruling in the divorce of German-born, London-based heiress, Katrin Radmacher, strengthened the status of prenuptial agreements in British law, which generally doesn't recognise such contracts. The ruling, which validated Radmacher's prenuptial agreement and minimized her ex-husband's settlement, could set a precedent for future limitations on London's generally large payouts.

If these 10 divorce settlements are any indication, however, for the time being at least, hefty divorce payouts are very much alive and well in London.

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