Five-Year-Old Girls Let Themselves Out Of School And Walk Home

Five-Year-Old Girls Let Themselves Out Of School And Walk Home


A five-year-old girl and her school friend let themselves out of school and walked back to one of their homes without their teachers noticing.

The little girls walked out of Washingborough Foundation Primary School during their lunch break, according to the Lincolnshire Echo, and walked the 15-minute journey home.

The horrified mum of one of the girls told the paper they had come home to get some money to buy sweets for their teacher, and they had every intention of returning to school. She added that the walk was on a road with a bus route on it, so their journey could have ended up being a 'very different story'.

She told the paper: 'You think of all these horror scenarios of what could have happened.'

The school said the gate the girls left through has now been locked. In a statement, it said it made a 'determined effort' to ensure the safety of its pupils.

The mother of one of the girls said the school has only told her that her concerns were being addressed: "Beyond saying our concerns had been addressed the school has not said much to us. My daughter is a bit sad about everything that has happened, she knows she has done wrong."

Have your children ever turned up on your doorstep when they should have been at school?

Or can you remember taking yourself home when you were a pupil?