13-Year-Old Dad And 15-Year-Old Mum To Wed - Nine Years Later

13-Year-Old Dad And 15-Year-Old Mum To Wed - Nine Years Later


A couple who fell pregnant when the dad was just 13 and the mum only 15, are to marry - three children and nine years later!

Michael Fernandes and Cheryl Holden were widely condemned when they announced their first pregnancy nine years ago, but the teenage sweethearts proved their critics wrong, staying together and going on to have two more children after Liam, now nine; Bryan, three and Archie, 11 months.

Michael, 22, said: "Everybody said, 'You'll never last with a young child'. We showed everyone we are meant to be together."

Michael did odd jobs to provide for his family whilst he was still at school, and now works as a landscape gardener, saying he is proud to be supporting his family without sponging off the state.

The family rent their Manchester home from a private landlord, and are saving their money to get married - something they are so keen to do, that they've entered a radio station competition to WIN a free wedding!

Cheryl, 24, told reporters: "We're more inclined to spend money on the kids than on the wedding. That's why winning would be so great."

She paid tribute to her hard-working husband and his dedication to their family, saying:

"A lot of young people aren't ready to be parents. I was lucky. Michael didn't go out drinking in the street, he just wanted to be a dad. It's not your age, it's the effort you put into it."

What a lovely story - let's hope Michael and Cheryl win!