07/07/2011 07:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby In Coma After Falling From 10-Storey Window Into Passer-By's Arms

A two-year-old girl is in a coma after falling from a 10-storey window - despite being CAUGHT by a passer-by.

The toddler fell from the window of her family's apartment in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province in China, on Saturday.

Neighbours told reporters that they saw the little girl - who is called Zhang Fangyu but known as "Niu Niu" - hanging from the window of the flat for several minutes, with one neighbour putting a ladder up to her and trying to persuade her to grab it.

The tot then fell from the window just as 31-year-old Wu Juping was walking by - the shocked woman reportedly kicked off her high heels and ran towards the child the moment she spotted her falling. She caught her just before she landed.

Ms Juping told CCTV: "I saw her when she was about to fall and rushed there, and after tens of seconds she fell off."

Little Niu Niu is in a 'deep coma' at Zhejaing Children's Hospital, according to the Xinhua News Agency, whilst Ms Juping is being treated for a broken arm in hospital.

A spokesman from Zhejaing children's hospital said "Whether Niu Niu can finally survive is still unknown."

Baby in coma after falling from 10-storey window into passer-by's arms Rex Features Wu Juping and her own 8-month-old son